The following list of publications includes scientific articles, policy papers, research contributions, books, reports, and contributions to edited volumes.


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  • The Missing Puzzle Piece: Could Good Governance Explain Exporting Perfomance of the Arab World?, Working Paperstand under review at Review of Worl Economics, Authors: Juliane Brach and Mohamed Sabry. 2019.


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  • Review of EU-Tunisian Science and Technology Cooperation 2008-2012,Report, European Commision, DG Innovation and Research, Authors: Juliane Brach and Hatem M'Henni, 2013.


  • Political Ambiguity and Economic Development, Working Paper presented at the ASSA/MEEA annual conference, Jan 4-6 2012, Chicago. Authors: Juliane Brach and Willem Spanjers. 2012.
  • Unequal benefits from Internationalization: Regional Technology Differences in China, in: International Journal of Technology and Globalization, Vol. 6 (4), 2012. Author: Juliane Brach, download

  • Asia’s new challenges: Redesigning the interface with the international economy, in: International Journal of Technology and Globalization, Vol. 6 (4), 2012. Editors: Juliane Brach and Jan Vang. download

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